Asked March 20, 2019, 8:12 PM EDT

If I trap the skunk under my house is there someone that could take it and release it for me? I don't have use of a truck. Thanks.

Clackamas County Oregon wildlife

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As you're considering options for problem wildlife at your site, a good resource is Manage Wildlife Conflicts in Your Home and Garden:

This publication by wildlife biologist Dr. Dana Sanchez will walk you though correctly identifying the animal, learning why this animal might have moved in at your site, and removing things that might be attracting it. The article also cautions against trapping and releasing of animals and offers some suggestions for alternatives.

Some other resources included in this publication:

"The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is an excellent source of technical and legal information about wildlife management situations. Visit its Living with Wildlife website at

  • Call 800-720-6339 to get contact information for your local district biologist, who can answer questions and address concerns.
Oregon and Washington residents can contact wildlife agency-trained wildlife control operators, who are private business people licensed to assess and manage wildlife conflicts. Many offer removal, blocking, and prevention services. As with any contractor, ask for an estimate and references. See these websites for a current list:

I hope that helps and thanks for contacting Ask an Expert.