Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Timing

Asked March 20, 2019, 4:13 PM EDT

Hi, When is it time to apply crabgrass pre-emergent in the spring, and do you have a recommended brand that would fit with the DE Livable Lawn’s ideals? I’m trying to be as organic as possible. Wow Supreme seems to be the leading candidate thus far. Thanks, Nathanael

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

WOW® Supreme is an organic weed control product enhanced with organic fertilizer. Here is an EPA document and information on use, safety, limits, hazards, method of application, etc. Spring application is recommended for crabgrass control. However, fall is the best time to fertilize turf lawns. You might want to look for an organic pre-emergent without fertilizer for the spring and then use a product with fertilizer in the fall. This is not an endorsement of this product but is intended to help you make appropriate use of this product should you choose it.