Annuals and Perennials for Street Median Planting

Asked March 20, 2019, 3:24 PM EDT

Could the Cooperative Extension provide a list of flowering annual and perennial herbaceous plants that would thrive in a residential street traffic island? I have included photos. The total size (including planters) of the island measures 10' wide by 60' long.

Oakland County Michigan

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Tough place to grow flowers. Salt levels in soil make it very difficult to grow flower so close to the road. Will only work if they will be watered. A couple tough plants that can handle rough conditions are yarrow, coneflowers and sedum. Sedum is often used on roof gardens since it can handle drier conditions. Please see the link below for an article on drought tolerant plants that may be helpful to you. It is still important to have water to get them established. Some cities will have street plantings with marigolds, petunias or geraniums but they make sure the soil is amended with organic matter and they have watering teams. It can be done. See the following article: