Flowering vines in the shade?

Asked March 19, 2019, 10:31 PM EDT

Looking for advice on vines to grow on a trellis on the north facing wall in front of our house. Just a few hours of direct sun in the summer evenings. Would love flowering but not required!

Yamhill County Oregon

2 Responses

What an interesting project for you. These plants are in the order that I found them. The first one is a Star Jasmine. These flowers are very fragrant. It is the only evergreen vine on the list. The second one is Kolomikta Kiwi. This plant has interesting leaves and is attractive to cats. It is also deciduous. The third one is Climbing Hydrangea. I did not know such a plant existed. It has showy white flower clusters. It is a deciduous plant. Look at these to see if any of them will fit your needs.

Enjoy your garden this year.

Awesome! thanks for the help!