Bat removal certification

Asked March 19, 2019, 8:57 PM EDT

Does Extension offer any certification programs/workshops on the topic of safe bat removal? Thanks

Klamath County Oregon

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Extension does not offer any workshops on direct bat management, but here are some resources to consider. First is an old publication (1994), but the section at the very end on exclusion is very good
Those core practices (id'ing entrances, waiting for bats to leave, blocking further access) are the methods a person needs to follow in most cases. If you're needing to remove a bat from inside a house, use leather gloves and read the How to capture lone bats here for more pointers on safe removal. If any people or animals have been or might have been exposed to a bat, then you should immediately contact the city/county health department and follow their instructions for human and pet precautions. Oregon Department of Wildlife also can collect and test bats for rabies if contact has been made or odd/aggressive behavior observed. Finally, trained and licensed Wildlife Control Operators receive training in removal of animals, so contracting with one of them could be an option if you have bats using your attic, etc.