Irregular projections on stems of Kennebec Potato Plants

Asked March 19, 2019, 7:56 PM EDT

What is causing these wrinkles on some of the stems of my Kennebec potato plants?

Howard County Maryland vegetables

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Very interesting. It looks like you are starting seed potatoes indoors- growing tomato plants rather than pre-sprouting seed pieces. One possibility is that the stem symptom is some kind of hormonal response to specific environmental factors or stressors having to do with water, heat, light, spacing, media, etc. If the symptom is somewhat random- not all plants show it- it may be an environmental response.

If you have some seed pieces left over it would be interesting to plant hem in garden soil to see if the same symptoms appear. Ifthey did it would suggest a genetic mutation.

We'd like to hear how your plants fare after transplanting in the garden. jt