Can my oak tree be saved ?

Asked March 19, 2019, 4:21 PM EDT

During our previous storm, a large branch split off my oak tree. The split went down the trunk, all the way to the ground,one third of the way into the center of the tree. One other branch broke off much higher in the tree. Can this tree be saved? Is there something that could be wrapped around or painted on the exposed part. I live on the McKenzie at Rainbow . it is a mature tree.

Lane County Oregon

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The tree may very well survive this experience. Oaks are quite resilient, but this is damage is pretty severe. Even if you take expansive measures to try and shield the tree from exposure it will always have extensive week spots and areas of rot that will persist as weak points. If the tree is in an area where falling isn't going to put anyone at risk they you may choose to leave it and let it act as wildlife habitat. If it is next to your house and at risk of hitting your home or a person or pet you may consider contacting an ISA certified consulting arborist to look at the tree's health for you. There is an online directory here:

For additional information check out this great guide from the arbor day foundation to initially asses whether the tree will survive or thrive as a result of the damage. (