Scale on Croton

Asked March 19, 2019, 1:08 PM EDT

I have a very large croton which is beginning to develop scale. It's over six feet and probably 3 1/2 feet wide. Because of its lcoation, it would be very difiicult to spray it with insecticide soap which is what I usually use without making a major mess in my living room.Your website mentions systemic products. i found Bonide Systemic Granules .22% on Amazon. I am not sure if this product would be effective on scale on croton. Also I have cats who sometimes eat plant leaves and don't know if the product woild be safe to use around them.

Howard County Maryland

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Do you actually see scale? Can you scrape them off with your fingernail?
Spider mites are listed as troublesome for this plant too especially in the hot and dry air of our forced heat indoors.

We would wait for a warm day (above 55degrees but less than 80) and take the plant outdoors (in the shade if possible) and treat with insecticidal soap.
These plants respond well to pruning, so if you are willing, reducing it's size will make it easier to move and also remove some of the worst affected branches. Early spring is the right time for pruning so the timing is right. You'll want to spray the cut ends with water or dust them with powdered charcoal to stop the flow of white sap.

We are not sure about the Bonide product re: to cats. We would look for that information on label, from the manufacturer or from a reliable vet.
We'd also check to see that Croton is on the label.