Dry edible bean farming

Asked March 19, 2019, 12:23 PM EDT

Good afternoon, I have never farmed before and I was thinking of planting about 10 acres of dry edible beans. I have been trying to do some research and most of the advice I have found is for outside of Michigan. Just looking for some starter tips like if I can use a grain drill vs a row crop planter, Row spacing, soil additives/fertilizer, can we grow same crops year after year, etc. I have not had a soil test done yet but will do one very soon. Any advice that you can give will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you very much! Steve Grima

Livingston County Michigan

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Use a row crop planter. For black beans or navy beans, plan to plant at 125,000 seeds per acre. Soil additives completely depend on soil test results. Do not grow the same crop year after year - it's best if you have at least two other crops in rotation - corn, wheat, and/or soybeans.

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