Treated wood for vegetable garden

Asked March 18, 2019, 7:53 PM EDT

I appreciate if you can provide me your advise on using treated lumber for vegetable garden bedding. Primary use of vegetables are for consumption. Here is the link for the wood I see in Home Depot. Thanks Jagesh

Howard County Maryland vegetables treated lumber

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Hi- we looked at the tag (below) associated with this product (on the HD site).
It listed copper azole, one of the more common chemical wood preservatives, as the active ingredient.

See "Info & Guides" box, click FAQs to see coper azole listed as active ingredient.

So what makes WeatherShield special? It's a proprietary process (BARamine) so not explicitly stated by the manufacturer, Lonza.

Copper azole treated lumber does not pose a human health risk when used as a raised bed for vegetables. The concern over treated lumber centered on CCA lumber (contained arsenic) which was banned in 2003. jt