Maple Surup Contamination

Asked March 17, 2019, 1:21 PM EDT

I have a line of Sugar Maples that I tap each year. They are located on a boundary to my property that is adjacent to a field that rotates between corn and soy beans. Is it possible that those trees in such a location could capture residual Roundup or other herbicide and cause it to contaminate the sap I collect? Ed Shaffer

Berrien County Michigan

1 Response

Thanks for your question. The short answer is "No".

Keep in mind that Roundup is absorbed into plants through green tissue (leaves) and the leaves of maple trees are high in the air. The bark of the tree serves as a protective barrier, and does not allow for herbicide absorption. Roundup is deactivated by soil, and therefore not taken up by roots.

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Hope all goes will with your maple syrup this season.

Bob Battel, MSU Extension