Vinca minor blight/fungus

Asked March 17, 2019, 10:49 AM EDT

I've planted vinca under a tree. It grows vigorously in early spring and then a fungus sets in - the stems blacken at soil level and spread.
Read up and cleaned out debris and started using draconil periodically. Is there a better product to use and when should I start applications.
Thank you very much.
Sarah Ollison, 313-510-3715, Grosse Pointe Park MI

Wayne County Michigan vinca

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Blight is one of the few problems experienced by vinca. Understand that fungicides, Daconil is one, do not cure. They can and do stop progression but do not cure. Sounds as if this is an ongoing problem which suggests soil issues possibly, wet soil maybe, poor drainage? Here is a link that should shed more light on it for you :

Here is another:

Does not bode well for the plant in wet weather, wet soils.
Good luck!