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Asked March 17, 2019, 9:13 AM EDT

Hi there! I recently repotted a rubber plant and moved it to a new location (from an open warehouse office with little temp / humidity control to a home environment). I know plants sometimes need time to adjust to different environments, light, and humidity, so I've been watering once a week or so and misting the leaves in between to account for the drier air in my ouse. Small leaves on the bottom have started to yellow and and drop since repotting and moving it. It also has developed tiny white dots on some of the leaves. Is my plant possibly infected with some sort of fungus / bug? I've attached some photos. Thanks for your help!! Best, Maria

Cuyahoga County Ohio

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Thank you for your question, Maria. I believe all of your plant’s problems can be explained in one word: water. Too much! It is encouraging funfi to grow on the leaves. Wipe it off, and quit misting. Check the soil and leaves for insects. Here is an article with full instructions: Good luck!