Flowers to plant in shaded area next to Parsons Juniper bush

Asked March 17, 2019, 8:35 AM EDT

Hi, I purchased a house last year that has a large Parsons juniper bush on a hill in the front yard. The bush has a large hole in it in a round shape with a tree at the very bottom (pic attached). The hole is largely shaded by the tree and has limited, but not full watering coverage from the irrigation system. Id like to plant some flowers along the perimeter of the hole, but I'm struggling to figure out what will do well in this shaded area with limited watering and next to an acidic plant. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Id prefer to plant a perennial but an annual would be okay. Thanks!

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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This is a tough area to grow flowering plants as there is lack of sunlight and competition from the tree and juniper roots for moisture and nutrients.
You can consider planting a groundcover or perennials for dry shade. Many of these choices do not flower. Some suggestions include: native ferns, especially hay scented, Christmas fern and sensitive fern, alleghany pachysandra, Canadian ginger, Pa sedge, and phlox stolonifera(flowers).
No matter what you decide to plant, you will have to keep watered the first season until the root system becomes established. Mulch with several inches of mulch and keep away from the base of the plants.

Look at the links below for more choices (there are color photos)

Lastly, you can just keep the area lightly mulched with no plantings.