Blueberry planting locations - home garden

Asked March 16, 2019, 10:45 AM EDT

Recently purchased some mature highbush and am planning on placing them within 4ft of the south-facing side of my house. Any concern that heat from the wall would negatively affect growth? If so, any recommendations for a viney perennial I could trellis above to reduce the heat but not shade out the blueberries?


Benton County Oregon blueberries

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Thank you for your questions. As for blueberries, the soil pH is top of the list for their success, and you might want to consider a soil test. Here is an article with all you’ll need for growing them successfully: They can tolerate full sun, so consider vining perennials for another site. You don’t want their roots competing for water and nutrients, and you don’t want vine foliage shielding blueberry leaves from the sun. And many vines won’t tolerate the acidic soil needed by blueberries. Good luck!