Planting peppers in 5 gallon bucket

Asked March 15, 2019, 5:28 PM EDT

Can you please suggest of the following: Soil mix I should use for container gardening if 5 gallon bucket When is the right time to start planting in home from the seeds? The type of fertilizer I should add in the potting soil before planting? The fertilizer and other products I should use for the hot pepper plants. Thanks

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Hi- start seeds indoors now if you intend to grow your own. Pepper is slow growing- at least 8 weeks from seed to transplant.

Don't put any garden soil in the bucket. Use a 50:50 mixture of a lightweight soilless growing media and compost. You can also use 100% of either material. Plant one pepper per bucket. You can use a wide variety of synthetic or organic fertilizers. Just make sure that the three macronutrients most needed by plants- nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium- are in the fertilizer. These are known as "complete fertilizers."
Container gardening page:
Dry or liquid are both fine but liquid will need to be applied more frequently. Mix in a dry fertilizer at planting and then fertilize lightly every 2-3 weeks. (Follow fertilizer label directions.) Move the plants into afternoon shade mid-summer to reduce the negative effects of high heat on pollination and fruit set. jt