Indigenous Grasses

Asked March 15, 2019, 12:39 PM EDT

Planning on planting trees, but have also been looking at indigenous grasses, especially ones with deeper root systems ( Wondering if there were any that would be ideal for Michigan.

Newaygo County Michigan

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There are a number of possibilities for grasses native to Michigan. It is a matter of personal choice and I would suggest you view native gardens, tall grass prairies to decide what you might like, and might not like. It is quite a leap from trees to ornamental grasses. I would suggest the latter, because it would be easy to change from grasses to trees if chose somewhere down the line, but not easy at all to switch from trees to grasses. You can read more about Michigan native grasses at this link:

A personal favorite & Michigan native is Prairie Dropseed, a low growing grass that makes a nice addition to any native grass garden. You can check this one out further at this link:

Good luck!