Asked March 15, 2019, 12:22 PM EDT

Dear Sirs; I would like to plant 2 lilac "palibin" in my backyard border. How far apart should they be from other shrubs and each other in order to ensure good air circulation? Thank you K Bottomley

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After doing some research, it looks like this particular cultivar ‘Palibin’ is a compact, low-spreading cultivar which typically grows 4-5’ tall with a spread of 5-7’. So you would want to give these shrubs at least 5' in either direction when you plant.

However, it also lists the zone as 3 to 7 and we are typically zone 8 a-b and even 9 in some locations in Lincoln County. So, that cultivar might not get as much heat as it likes to thrive here in Lincoln County unless you have a warmer microclimate. Just something to consider.

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