The woods around my home

Asked March 15, 2019, 9:22 AM EDT

Hello - I live in East Lansing near Saginaw Hwy. and Marsh Road. My address is East Lansing, but I live in Bath Twp. in Clinton County. Woods surround 2 sides of my home. I recently cleared some of it, because I was not getting enough sunlight in the house. In the area where I cut back is low lying brush that will grow into weeds this year. Can you advise me on what to do so that I can turn some of the newly cleared land into grass, or at least something tamer? Thanks, Michael Rizik Cell: 810-610-2673 Email:

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If the area is full sun( 8 hours per day) it is a suitable location for lawn, or shrub and trees that prefer sun. If shady you will want to plant shade loving ground covers, shrubs and trees.

Other factors of concern- is the soil moist or dry, are wildlife(deer, rabbits) a concern, does it flood. Have the soil tested so you know what nutrients are needed, and the soil type and pH. Some plants prefer a certain pH and soil type. You want to choose plants that match what you have. After you assess your location, soil and growing conditions write me again here, and I can give you a more specific list of plants.

This link describes soil testing:

Lawn seeding, Seed Types etc:

In any case, you will need to remove the brush before it gets too large. Watch out for poison ivy- learn to identify it and how to safely remove it.

There may be some desirable native plants there that you want to keep such as dogwood or serviceberry.

We are here to help so, please write again if you have more questions. MSU has a Lawn and Garden Hotline you may call and speak with gardeners directly, as well- 888-678-3464. Thanks for using our service.