Beneficial babies or offensive offspring?

Asked March 15, 2019, 1:47 AM EDT

Hello there!! We have found what I believe is a nest, or egg sac of some kind. I am super curious what, if anything, is going to scurry out of it. Good bugs? Bad bugs? Slithery, slimy, hairy, mutant bugs? I've attached photos and hope that someone can tell me and my housemates what we may have here (I voted spiders) and if I should do anything about it. Thanks so much for your time! Cheers!! ~H

Multnomah County Oregon

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From the photo enlargement that I was able to view there is no descernable way to make any positive identification. Therefore if possible please provide a daytime photo and include the surrounding environment for more clues and or wait until the "sac" hatches if that occurance would not seriously disrupt your lifestyle. If you choose to wait then you could provide additional photos of the hatchlings for more clues to help identify these curious little critters. Thanks for your interesting inquiry. A possible last option would be to obtain a sample of the egg mass and bring it into the Multnomah County Master Gardener Office during office hours Monday through Friday at 503-445-4608 for microscopic examination.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get back to us!! As you can see, the sac is on a folding table. I dont know exactly where it was stored, other than to say it was on property that is only a couple miles from where we are now. (NE Portland near I-205). I don't know how helpful the pics will be but I'm happy to be able to give it another go. Thanks again!!

It's probably spiders. If you are concerned, you can certainly remove the sac and put it in a mason jar with a cloth secured on top (using the canning rings or a rubber band) The cloth would allow air circulation. Then you can observe when they emerge and determine what to do.