Asked March 14, 2019, 10:48 PM EDT

Hello, I have tried poison, gas, and traps trying to get riid of the voles in my yard with no luck Do you have any ideas on what else I might try? Thank you, Lisa

El Paso County Colorado

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The methods you have used to solve your vole problem are some that usually have success. One of the first recommendations made is to remove any tall grass or weeds that the voles are using to hide in or under. If there is no shelter, they will often move to another area. Other habitat modifications can include removing rocks, logs or boards that they may hide under.
If they are eating the bark on trees or shrubs, you need to wrap the plants with 1/4 in hardware cloth. Wrap loosely so they can't bite through the cloth.
One question I would ask, is what signs are you seeing? If there are mounds of dirt starting to show up, you may have an issue with pocket gophers rather than voles. I am including the URL to a fact sheet that describes what you may see as signs of voles, pocket gophers or prairie dogs.
I am also including a fact sheet on voles and one on pocket gophers from Colorado State University that may give you help on managing your problem. During the winter and spring some of the signs will be the same for voles and pocket gophers. If you are seeing mounds of dirt with no burrow hole, you will have pocket gophers.
If you want to give me a call, I can visit with you and see if there are other ways to manage your problem. My office phone is 719-852-7381.

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