Douglas first beetle

Asked March 14, 2019, 6:22 PM EDT

I have approx 8 acres of mainly Douglas Fir timber with some beetle infestation along parts of the plantation. Timber size runs from 12 inch by to 30 inch by. I have heard about and read something about MCH, naturally occurring beetle repellent. Question is there a place to acquire this product for a nominal fee? How far apart do you apply the packets, and how often do you have to apply the product. Any information would be greatly appreciated

Douglas County Oregon

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Methylcyclohexenone (MCH) is an anti-aggregation pheromone used to prevent Douglas-fir beetle (a primary bark beetle pest of Douglas fir) from entering trees. This product is most commonly applied as a ‘bubble cap’ stapled to individual trees or to trees at spaced intervals to create a ‘pheromone cloud’ over a larger area. MCH is an inexpensive and effective method of beetle outbreak prevention, especially if paired with an appropriate slash management plan. Packets should be applied each year you are trying to reduce the population on your property.

If you are sure the beetle activity is Douglas-fir beetle (Douglas-fir Beetle fact sheet) then these bubble caps will deter them from your property. If you are not sure and you'd like me to confirm the beetle activity please feel free to send me pictures of the symptoms. This way if it isn't Douglas-fir beetle we can come up with another solution.

 Apply MCH before Douglas-fir beetle flight in April
 Apply to individual trees or in a 40’ grid layout (~30 caps/acre)
 Staple bubble caps 6-8’ on the trunk, north facing side with bubble facing inward  Cost: $2-4 per bubble cap

For more info on MCH:
Oregon Department of Forestry Has a Fact Sheet on MCH with more details and purchasing options here:

The forest service has some information here:

Here is a google search I did "purchase MCH pheromones" -this search offers more than three companies that sell the bubble packets with a minimum order of 10.