identification of a disease in the leaves jasmine polyanthus

Asked March 14, 2019, 4:04 PM EDT

I remarked that there are leaves with problems, small yellow dots, irregular growth in my jasmin polyanthus, is it a virus? a bacteria? a champignon or the lack of a nutrient? Thanks a lot

Washington County Minnesota

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I would guess possibly spider mites. Can you turn the leaves over and see any very small amounts of webbing? It occurs on the underside and often is noticeable where the leaf and stem come together. They can be controlled with insecticidal soap but you have to spray the underside of the leaves and usually it requires more that one treatment. Sometimes it can be helpful to put the plant in the shower (covering the pot and soil with a garbage bag) and try to rinse away as many as possible before treating it with the insecticide. Here is a link to info about common houseplant insects. Scroll down to spider mites for a photo and into.