What type of snake is this

Asked March 14, 2019, 3:26 PM EDT

I woke up to this snake in my mud room. I am afraid it came from my basement, don't know how else it would have gotten there. Can you tell me what type of snake it is and about how old? I'm pretty sure its a corn snake but I want confirmation. I have copperheads in my back woods but they tend to, at this age, have very white tails, plus they are thicker, correct? I have, a few times, found black snake and ring-neck snake babies over the past 30 years in my basement but this one looks bigger then anything I have ever seen before.


Montgomery County Maryland

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We shared your photos with our snake specialist who says this is a juvenile black rat snake. They are very common and good to have around.
If it is still alive and is on a glue trap try to free it using vegetable oil and release it outdoors.

Here is our page on snakes:


Thanks so much for your response. I was pretty sure it was a corn or rat snake, which I do have around my house and I do appreciate, as I live in the woods and have occasionally had mice in my house over the years. I just wanted a confirmation. Also, I don't want them in my house and I want to have an understanding of how he got there. If you have any ideas, I would be happy to hear.
I did not kill the snake, I put it out into the woods.

So glad you appreciate what snakes do for us and the environment.
Of course, we don't want them in the house, so check the house exterior for any crevices or holes where a snake can enter. Also, keep the foundation clear of leaves or anywhere they can find protection/cover. Keep the area dry and uninviting. (Houses are not good for snakes, actually. They just wander in and usually starve or die for lack of water.)

Search 'snakes' on our website for tips and snake info. It explains a good way to usher a snake out with a towel and trashcan.