Small marble size fruit

Asked March 14, 2019, 2:12 PM EDT

I have two fully grown Barrtlet and Keffer pear trees and the last two years they have been loaded with fruit but they didn't get any bigger than a quarter in. In size. There have been lots of bees on the trees when in bloom what could be causing this?

Washington County Ohio

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Thank you for your question. The first concern is always a lack of pollinators, but you say you have bees. The second concern is not having a different pear species that cross pollinizes with them. However, it appears that Bartlett pears can pollinize Kieffer pear trees. The third concern is that there has been too much fertilizer applied near the trees, or to lawns around the trees, and the plants have put their energy into creating leaves, and not fruit. The fourth issue is whether the trees have been pruned so that enough sunlight gets to the foliage to supply food for the fruit. And the final issue (and a growing concern) is that there is inadequate water to make the fruit 'juicy,' especially in drought-ridden summers. Without having some additional information about your trees' growing conditions, it is difficult to pinpoint which one or more are the causes.

Since you haven't mentioned anything about infections (of bacteria or fungi) or insects (such as fruit flies), I can't conjecture about those additional potential problems. Perhaps you can use this information to do some investigating! Good luck!