Canning bone in chopped chicken

Asked March 14, 2019, 1:37 PM EDT

I would like to pressure can chicken, using the raw pack method. I want to can in pint jars as there are only two of us. Every were I look it says cut the chicken at the joints and place them in the jars. I am going to be doing chicken quarters and want to cut the legs in 3 and the thighs in 4 keeping the bones in for flavor and so they will hold in a pint jar. Is there an issue with just chopping the chicken in pieces and putting them in the jar, keeping my 1 inch head space? Thanks


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Hi, I do need to clarify: You want to know if you can chop the chicken (with the bone-in) and then process it vs. using the whole limb (such as leg or thigh)? Am I understanding you correctly?

Exactly. All the canning books I have looked at just says to joint the meat.

Hi, just a little bit of info. for you regarding chicken bone marrow: There is very little nutritional value in the poultry marrow. There is only 6.3 mg of calcium in a one ounce serving. Nothing else. Poultry marrow in nothing like beef marrow, which is used in Asian and French cooking.

So Easy to Preserve suggests that the meat be cooked until it is two-thirds done. This is done so the meat has some moisture in it. Then placed hot into the jars. For pints of meat without bones the process time is 75 minutes. For pints of meat with the bone in the process time is 65 minutes, but because of the bones there will be less meat in the jar. Canning in pint jars with the bones will create very little meat for consumption.

We recommend you either can in a quart jar cutting the meat at the joints as directed, or removing the meat from the bone for pint jars & canning as directed.

If you have further questions, I am going to direct you to Chris Venema @ , whom I consulted with. Good luck.