Lawn dug up with gouges-? animal

Asked March 13, 2019, 2:41 PM EDT

In the last month we had overnight 2 large patches of our lawn extensively dug up in gouges over an area about 30 ft in diameter and nearby another area of about 10 ft in diameter. There are still new areas appearing, but not as extensively.The gouges are about 2 in wide and 2 in deep. No know loose dogs in area. Lawn service says they have never seen anything like it.

Howard County Maryland

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This could be the digging of squirrels retrieving the nuts they buried last year.

Or, it could be the work of raccoons or opossums looking for grubs.
This does not mean that you have a grub problem and need to apply grub products. It could simply mean that the raccoons had a long winter and are extra hungry. They'll dig up earthworms and other lawn organism, too--so grub products are not a cure-all (plus they are toxic to good organisms you need in your lawn).

Reseed in early April when soil is warmer but not wet. It should be relatively easy since the soil is nicely turned up for you.