Short Ornamental Grasses for Sun

Asked March 13, 2019, 2:16 PM EDT

Hello, We are installing a public work of art in a very sunny location and are thinking that short ornamental grasses would be the best vegetation to complement the artwork. The area is on Main St. in Westminster. Any ideas will be helpful. They must be drought resistant and require little care. Regards, Susan Williamson Visual Arts Coordinator, Carroll County Arts Council

Carroll County Maryland plant selection ornamental grasses

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Maryland native grasses such as little blue stem, Indiangrass, and switchgrass are beautiful and suitable for dry, full-sun locations but they can grow to as high as 4 to 8 feet tall. If you are not set on using an ornamental grass, you could consider one or more of these recommended groundcover plants.
Many Sedums hold up well in hot, sunny locations and are drought tolerant when established. Nepeta (catmint) would also work well.