Lawn grass dying.

Asked March 13, 2019, 12:04 PM EDT

Hi and thanks for taking my question. How do I treat my grass after too much moisture and an overrun of weeds? I have more dying grass then thriving. What can I do to 1) kill any fungi, 2) control weeds, and 3) grow healthy grass? Any assistance is appreciated!

Carroll County Maryland

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Please take a look at our publication on Lawn Establishment, Renovation, and Overseeding.

To grow healthy turfgrass, the first step is to consider your site conditions. How much sun does the area receive? What your soil conditions? Did you have your soil tested within the last three years? What type of grass seed are you using? Do you fertilize?

Maintaining a healthy, dense turf by proper fertilization, overseeding, and correct mowing (mowing "high") are the key approaches to weed management. We do not recommend a lawn fungicide.


Thank you for your directions and links to finding how to have my soil tested, what kind of grass to grow, not to use fungiside and mow the grass at a high level to control weed growth.
Janice Heimer