Fire code on greenhouse film

Asked March 13, 2019, 7:32 AM EDT

Good Morning! I am the Greenhouse Manager for Mesabi East Schools in Aurora, Mn. Mesabi East has recently purchased an existing flower shop and greenhouse to give students a hands on experience in Environmental Education. This is a new program in which we are utilizing an existing facility. My question is this. In purchasing this facility with 4 houses that are covered in Thermax dura film on the roofs, we have hit a road block with the fire marshall stating they need to meet fire code 701-702. That the plastics needs to meet a flame retardant. In contacting the supplier from Tessman he states that finding a plastic to meet this code is nearly impossible. Thus, my question what do you have over your hoop houses to meet the educational fire code? Thank you for any information. Rachel Doherty Mesabi East Greenhouse Manager

St. Louis County Minnesota

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Most master gardeners lack the training and experience needed to answer this question.

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