Pruning and ornamental cherry tree in Eugene Oregon.

Asked March 12, 2019, 3:57 PM EDT

Pruning an ornamental cherry tree in Eugene Oregon. What is the best time and the best method to prune an ornamental cherry tree in Eugene? I am particularly concerned with pseudomonas infection.

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If the plant is showing symptoms of Bacterial Canker then the best time to prune is dry weather in summer, I would think a dry stretch of weather in early summer so as to not impact flowering. I include the URL of the entry on Bacterial Canker for other identification and control information from the PNW Disease Management Handbook

We grow two ornamental cherries, both upright tree forms, but different cultivars and they have plenty of space and to be honest I have only found it necessary to prune the plant after some of the limbs were bent by freezing rain in 2015, by which tie they were almost 20 years old. Assuming the plant you have has sufficient space, I suppose thinning out twiggy shoots or crossing branches to emphasize their natural spreading habit is possible, again undertaken in early summer.

If it is a weeping form, these are more problematic from a disease management standpoint as their canopies are very twiggy and dense. I think if that's what you have you might consider thinning shoots from the canopy in early summer to open up the canopy and reduce the humidity that perpetuates disease issues on these trees.
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