Growing green beans indoors

Asked March 12, 2019, 2:34 PM EDT

I’m trying to grow green beans indoors because I heard that they are the one vegetable that you can actually do this with. However, although they are doing okay and are about 2 feet high now and developing buds, they are having the same problem that I get with every other garden-type plant I’ve tried to grow indoors (which includes basil, cucumber, and tomato). Some of the leaves get pale, lose color, then get crispy and curl up. They are in a sunny, south-facing window. The window probably has uv protection on it. They also have grow lights on them, about 6 inches from the leaves. The soil does not dry out but neither is it sopping. They are about 3 weeks old and have not received any extra fertilizer except what was present in the black gold organic potting mix. The leaf problem is affecting only about 5% of the plant so far and it started pretty early and it seems to only affect the larger, older leaves.

Whatcom County Washington

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Thank you for your question. I believe that your seedlings are badly in need of fertilizer. Once the first (seed) leaves appear, they are photosynthesizing, and need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium--the three numbers on the front of the fertilizer container. Get some water soluble 10--10--10 fertilizer for immediate use, and then add some time release fertilizer, which will nourish them for a few weeks. Apply per the label directions. They should perk up. The older leaves are showing yellowing (chlorosis) first because the plant is sending what nitrogen it has to the new growth. Old leaves are starving.

Allow soil to dry on the top; water when you can stick your finger in, and the tip is dry. Good luck!