Growing turf in soil with 100+ ppm Phosphorus

Asked March 12, 2019, 2:07 PM EDT

Wondering if anyone else has struggled with growing grass/turf in yards with excessively high phosphorus (100+ ppm). We have inherited a challenging yard and have struggled to get grass to grow (always looks anemic and spindly). All other soil tests came back within range. Open to suggestions of other plants to use for turf. All my research online seems to keep pointing me back to phosphorus effects on on crops (alfalfa/corn/soybeans) and the runoff risk - but nothing about what might grow to keep my yard intact to reduce the runoff risk of open soil. We will retest again this spring (assuming I can ever find that brown stuff they call "dirt" again) - but wondering if anyone has ideas/resources we can start to investigate in the interim.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Reduction of phosphorus in soil is challenging and can take years. Typically increasing nitrogen and not adding any phosophorus containing nutrients (compost) can begin the process. If your soil test is done through the University of Minnesota you will be provided measurements as well as recommendations for nutrients and application rates. Below is the link to the testing site.