Neem seed meal

Asked March 12, 2019, 1:45 PM EDT

Is the above product helpful for lace bug control. If so, when, how much and how often? Thanks

Benton County Oregon

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Hi there, and thanks for your question.

It would help to know which plants you have, being attacked by lace bugs. However, I can tell you that neem seed meal has already had the most active bug-killing compound in neem (azadirachtin) removed. It is used as a soil amendment, promoting microbial communities in the soil. Lace bugs are foliage-feeders, and they are not likely to come in contact with the treated soil anyway.

For lace bugs at this time of year, you might consider putting barriers of light fabric over your young plants to prevent infestation. If you're working in an infested greenhouse, you might consider other options.

Thanks again for your question - Kaci