Pasture grass seed.

Asked March 12, 2019, 12:40 PM EDT

We have recently purchased 5 acres in Wallowa County. It is currently planted in some type of bunch grass. I would like to reseed it to a drought tolerant pasture grass. I will be pasturing three horses. Can you recommend a grass seed that will work for this.

Wallowa County Oregon

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For a pasture of that size it would probably be best to buy a pre-blended dry land pasture mix. Grain Growers or D&B should have some general mixes already in stock that would work well. Great Basin Seed at has a nice dry land mix that does well for horses too.

Here are a few plant species you may consider as you shop around.
If you are overseeing it you may want to seed in the 20 lb. per acre range. If drilling then you could be in the 15 to 16 lb. per acre range. I may also be a good idea to follow your seeding with a spring fertilization to help stimulate the new plant growth.