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Asked March 10, 2019, 11:22 AM EDT

Dear Sir/Madam; Over the years I did all I can do to keep my yard with good covered grass. I paid many lawn companies for their "Deluxe Lawn Care" Program to take care of the lawn. I paid for "Soil Sample Analysis", "Aeration & Over seeding", . . . And I did to the best that I can do to water the lawn in the summer. In spite of all the efforts I am losing the grass and the yard is becoming more and more bare soil. I would very much appreciate your advice and recommendation as what I can do to preserve the lawn and preventing the yard to get worse. Sincerely; Parkville, MD

Baltimore County Maryland

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Looks like you have a lot of moss in your yard. There may be several reasons including poor soils, shade, poor lawn care practices, acidic soils, etc. These conditions are unfavorable for grass so the grass thins out and the moss moves in.

You can eliminate the moss by raking and disposing of. However, if you want to get rid of it you need to correct the conditions that favor its growth.
Begin by testing your soil for pH and nutrient deficiencies. Here is our website on lawn care and best practices if you would like to seed.

You may want to look at lawn alternatives for a more natural sustainable landscape using native plants. Options include reducing the grassy areas and planting garden beds, alternative groundcovers, and some actually cultivate the moss. Groundcovers are recommended in shady areas and around large trees where grass will not grow.
Also here is a publication on soil erosion from the MDA as well as stormwater management practices to slow water runoff

It may be helpful to connect with a member of the Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals association. Members of this group specialize in conservation landscaping, using native plants, and maintaining sustainable landscapes. You can use the searchable directory on their website to find a landscape professional near you.