Seedlings stopped growing

Asked March 8, 2019, 5:27 PM EST

Hello I am trying to grow watermelon and cantaloupe by starting seeds inside I planted them in peat pods in a self watering tray they sprouted grew long stems and their two sprout leaves. I kept the lid closed for about two weeks on a heater vent where there is low light which is why i assume my plants got leggy now for 1 week they have had a grow light in them there has been no change in anything they haven't turned towards the light nor have they gotten any bigger or grew any more leaves. Are they just working

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Thank you for your question. I think you are accurate in saying they were getting too little light. And, by keeping the lid closed, you were preventing them from getting carbon dioxide, which they need to cteate carbohydrates (food). You also don’t mention having given them any fertilizer. So, they weren’t getting 3 things (of 5) they needed most: light, air and food (plus heat and water). Add fertilizer per container directions, give them air and light, and they may recover. Good luck!

So I have tried all of those things and now the leaves have started curling they still have made no movement I put them back over the heater too they have lots of light water nutrition air I'm so confused I tried letting them dry a little incase it was too much water which was the issue that also didnt help

If they have already been so stressed during the critical early days after germination, all the best care now may not bring them back. I’d suggest you start over with some new seeds!