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Asked March 7, 2019, 7:08 PM EST

Hello, I planted turmeric rhizomes in organic potting soil in mid January. I have them in a grow tent with an LED full spectrum plant light 30 inches above the canopy. The light is on a timer for 12 hours a day. I have a fan set on low, that comes on two times a day for an hour and also have an exhaust fan running a couple hours in the late morning and evening. At first I had a fungus gnat problem, but now have almost corrected that with fly sticky tape and putting a layer of sand in each pot. My question is - I have noticed that my leaves are starting to turn yellow/brownish-tan around the edges. Do you know what could be causing this?

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You don't mention your watering routine. That would be a good place to focus because 1) fungus gnats are associated with consistently damp soil and 2) leaves with browning edges point at root problems, which can trace to over- or under-watering.

We do not have a great deal about turmeric. Here is an extension page: https://caldwell.ces.ncsu.edu/2018/10/ginger-and-turmeric-tropical-superfoods-for-the-garden/

Even when a plant prefers damp soil, it's a good idea to let the top layer of soil dry out between waterings. (This usually eliminates fungus gnats.) Also, turmeric wants well-drained soil. And the pot needs a good drainage hole.

Read through the above webpage, and let us know if you see further or new damage.