using BT (beetleJus)

Asked March 7, 2019, 7:03 PM EST

I don't want to compromise the butterfly population but am wondering if I just use BT on my roses and Apple tree and Cherry tree and stay away from Milk weed would that be ok?

Scott County Minnesota bt

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If there is no pesticide drift to milkweed, using BT on roses, apple and cherry trees isn't likely to harm monarch butterflies or their larvae. However, it will kill the larvae of other moths and butterflies that feed on those plants. This includes species that may not be targeted by the application.

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Do you have a list of some butterfly species that go for apple,chery and roses? I do get swallow tail butterflies as well and hope they are not affected

There probably isn't a comprehensive list of lepidoptera that feed on the plants you mentioned but this bulletin covers some:

This site may also be of interest:

Several swallowtail species occur in Minnesota. The black swallowtail and eastern tiger swallowtail are most common. The former feeds on plants in the parsley family including dill, carrot, fennel and rue. Host plants for the latter include ash, black cherry, apple. plum and birch.