Row crop irrigation

Asked March 7, 2019, 6:26 PM EST

Hello i was givin this website from a freind hoping to get some info on drip irrigating my feild the feild is 48 acres i am going to have my rows spaces 3 feet apart with the rows being 3 foot wide and 100 feet long i am trying to find the cheapest way to irrigate them and also trying to figure out how to equaly distribute the water please let me know if you can help thank you for your time.

Jackson County Oregon small farms

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I hope I can help answer your question. The best way to begin with this design would be to decide what drip flow rate you will be desiring. Then you can determine how much the total flow will be over the driplines. You will likely need to have a few different stations, because there will not be enough pressure to have all of the lines on at one time. You will also need to determine if the drip lines will be on the surface or they will be below the surface. Both ways have their pros and cons.
I'm attaching an image that will give you a better idea of the layout of the drip system and some of the components. You will definitely need some sort of filtration and injection, and that will be dependant on your incoming water quality. Your local extension office or irrigation supply company should be able to help with that. Often times, drip irrigation companies will come out to help you design a system, especially at the scale you are planning. Below is a link to a drip irrigation guide that has a lot of information that should be helpful.
Good luck, Scott