I am looking for nurseries who would like to implement automation

Asked March 6, 2019, 3:40 PM EST

Dear OSU extension service, I am writing in regards to my products and invention called Robotic Grow. Please let me know if you think there is a demand for my product, or if you know of any specific companies that could use my help. Here is a copy of the email I am going to send to all the major nurseries in Oregon. Please review it and let me know if there is anything I should change or if you could think of any company who could use my technology. I do custom design and installation, as well as remote service to my customers. Thank you for your time, and feel free to check out our websites at roboticgrow.com and robohydro.com. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jeremy Coon roboticgrow@gmail.com Example Letter to Nurseries Dear Nursery, My name is Jeremy Coon. I am an expert in custom outfitting greenhouses, farms, gardens and grow rooms to be fully automatic. We order parts for the circuit boards that we design, and manufacture stateside here in Oregon. Over the last four years we have designed, developed and tested our sensors, controllers and program to work flawlessly in any grow environment. The one we set up is a 80 foot by 30 foot greenhouse that is fully automatic. For a fraction of the price of the competition, we can set up your grow so it works like a robot. The sensors act like the bodies 5 senses, and the program acts like a bodies brain. The controllers act like the nerves that carry the information of the sensors (5 senses), which relay information to the program (brain). From here the program takes in the information from the sensors, which tell the controllers which switches to turn on and off according to what numerical value you set them to be triggered. This is like when your bodies touch sense feels it is cold outside, and your brain tells your arms to cross to conserve heat. Each limb on your body is like an appliance or valve, that does an action to keep your body safe, according to the reading that your senses give to the brain. This keeps the body at its proper temperature and in overall good health. If you didn't have your 5 senses working, you would not be able to know when something was wrong with your body, and sickness or pain would develop. This works much the same with plants. By implementing our system into your grow, you can make sure everything is kept in check and running smoothly through historical charts, graphs and data logs. If anything needs to be changed, you can do it remotely from any phone or computer with an internet connection from anywhere in the world. We can install everything from beginning to end and help keep things in check if you ever have problems. We do this by logging into your computer at the grow and control it remotely from our computer here in Central Oregon. Because we have built and engineered everything ourselves, we can provide a reliable fail safe system that eliminates redundant tasks that can easily be taken care of with our Robotic Grow system. This will free up you and your employees so you can concentrate on more important matters at hand. For more information please contact me at roboticgrow@gmail.com, and please check our websites out at roboticgrow.com and robohydro.com. Thank you for your time. Best Regards, Jeremy Coon Robotic Grow roboticgrow@gmail.com


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Thank you for your inquiry, Jeremy. Unfortunately, Extension services are unable to promote commercial enterprises, since we are extensions of university research and education programs. Your project sounds like an interesting one, and we look forward to hearing of its progress. Good luck!

Ok, thank you for your reply. I spent about $30,000 and the past three years figuring out how to get it to work without glitches. I find that no one is willing to give me a chance after I have reached out to over 20 companies in Oregon. Maybe they would if they knew me or someone would refer them to me. Before I give up, maybe I could pass on what I have learned to you guys and I could teach a class on how to hook up an automatic system that could save a lot of people money, time and labor. Please let me know if you would like me to come to your university and I could show others how to use it. If you are interested I could come up there and automate one of your greenhouses with some of your students and it could open there eyes to the future of grow automation. I guess what I am saying is that I give up on trying to sell this and I might be better off passing my information on to others instead of keeping it for myself and all this research and development go to waste. Thanks for your time, Jeremy Coon

Jeremy: I appreciate all the work that you must have put into this. I would suggest that you put your marketing efforts into the commercial sector, such as the nursery industry. They have trade shos, and their group’s information is here: https://www.oan.org/


You might find some helpful resources for launching your business here:

Good luck.

Thanks for your help. Ill get a hold of them. Hopefully they have some ideas

Thanks for your help. Ill get a hold of them. Hopefully they have some ideas