What if I am the only employee.

Asked March 6, 2019, 10:45 AM EST

Do I need unemployment insurance if I am the only person. What is it I need to have to do buisness with me being the only person. I do everything alone, one man show kind of thing. Thanks for your time. I do light landscape and tree and bush trimming. No large equipment nothing risky, just stuff one man can do. If I dont have to pay for stuff designed for a person who employs others that would be great.

Oakland County Michigan

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Good Morning:

Thank you for the question. I am a land use educator so I might not have the correct answer. This is a very important question so I would recommend that you contact Schoolcraft College Small Business Development Center at (734) 462-4438 or the email is bdc@schoolcraft.edu.

I have taken classes and asked questions of this organization, and they are a wealth of information and are extremely helpful to small business owners.

I think you will find the Small Business Development Center an excellent resource for you and your business.

Please follow-up with me and let me know if they were able to assist you.

Take Care,