Elimination of Goose Grass

Asked March 4, 2019, 4:35 PM EST

I have bunches of goose grass growing in my Kentucky bluegrass lawn that I would like to eliminate without hand digging every bunch. Are there herbicides that I can spray to kill the goose grass? Can you recommend which one work best and when to apply them?

Sanilac County Michigan

1 Response

Hello. Controlling goose grass is similar to controlling crabgrass. Both of them are annuals—meaning the plants you see each summer are new plants and did not come back from their roots of the previous year. The best control is a pre-emergent applied about 2 weeks after applying crabgrass pre-emergent. If it is done too early the herbicide can break down and not be effective. Read the label carefully to see if the product is effective on goosegrass.