Hovey Arborvitae

Asked March 4, 2019, 10:26 AM EST

Is there a species of Thuja occidentalis Hoveya ( Hovey ) Arborvitae that grows to only 3' - 4' high? If so, what is the exact name? Will it grow in Charles County Maryland? Will it grow in partial sun? What ph is required?

Charles County Maryland

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Here is information on the Hovey variety of Eastern arborvitae (botanical name - Thuja occidentalis 'Hoveyi') : https://dawesarb.arboretumexplorer.org/taxon-19054.aspx

This is slow growing, but ultimately (perhaps 30-40 years) could possibly reach 9 feet, but we also found sources that listed it as 3-4 feet.

It should be grown in full sun . In general, the species tolerates high pH.