Ware ( Siberian ) Arborvitae

Asked March 4, 2019, 10:20 AM EST

Is there a species of Thuja Occidentalis Wareana ( Ware or Siberian ) Arborvitae that grows to only 5' - 6' high? If so, what is the exact name? Will it grow in Charles County Maryland? Will it grow in partial sun? What ph is required?

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The species is Thuja occidentalis, whose common name is Eastern arborvitae.
The variety of this plant is name 'Wareana' or Ware.

It is phyramidal, low, dense, with bright green foliage and a blue tinge. Does not get brown tinge in winter. Only reaches 8 feet after 35 years.

Full fun. Yes, Charles County would be fine. Arborvitae occidentalis is name to Maryland. Arborvitae are not finicky about pH. This one will tolerate high pH.