Moss has taken over our yard

Asked March 3, 2019, 9:43 AM EST

Over the past several years moss has slowly taken over most of our yard. There is a lot of shade which could be the main reason. I was wondering if you could test a sample of our soil or what recommendations you might have to help our situation. I attached a picture looking out on our front yard. The darker green is the extensive moss we have. We live on a pretty good sloped yard so water never pools. I have it in my head about going out in the Spring and raking it off and adding new topsoils. Thank you for any help and suggestions as I'd like to get rid of this stuff.

Howard County Maryland moss lawn

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There may be several reasons you have moss in your lawn which include poor soils, shade, poor lawn care practices, acidic soils, etc. These conditions are unfavorable for grass so the grass thins out and the moss moves in.

You can eliminate the moss by raking and disposing of. However, if you want to get rid of it you need to correct the conditions that favor its growth. See above.
Begin by testing your soil for pH and nutrient deficiencies.

Options include planting grass, alternative groundcovers, and some actually cultivate the moss. There is nothing wrong with leaving the moss as it is. It makes a suitable and low-maintenance ground cover. Here is our page on moss including control and a link from Va Tech if you want to grow moss.