Box Wood discolor

Asked March 2, 2019, 6:45 PM EST

Hi, The outside or last 1 inch growth of my boxwood plants started turning a dull yellow late last summer. The growth further down inside the plant is a normal green. I believe the plants received plenty of water. Is this a nutrient problem? The short term fix would be to trim off the outside growth but it would probably not solve the long-term problem. Thanks, Craig

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thank you for your question, Craig. There are several potential problems experienced by boxwoods, as discussed in this Extension article: Although from Maryland, the boxwood blight has been found here in Oregon. However, without being able to examine the plant, a definitive diagnosis is impossible. Are you able to take some samples—yellowing, healthy, inside and outside—into the Clackamas Co. Extension office? It is staffed work days 9-noon and 1-4. Master Gardeners are there to assist. Good luck!

Thank you Kristena. We will stop by with boxwood clippings sometime Wednesday afternoon (March 6th).

By the way our daughter, Kimberly Jacobsen Nelson, writes and edits the OSU Extention Service, Clackamas County Report and suggested that I ask the Extention Service's advice on my boxwood problem.

Craig Jacobsen

Great, Craig! Since the Master Gardeners leave at 4, you might want to get there by 2:00 or so. (You never know how many other issues they might be handling.) If they cannot diagnose it, OSU has a Plant Clinic in Corvallis, whose advice might be sought. Happy that Kimberly is involved!