Planning my vegetable garden

Asked March 1, 2019, 5:04 PM EST

When and what vegetable seeds do I need to start planting? I’m not sure what zone I am in 4 or 5 I am in North Omaha I am wanting to build raised garden beds and just don’t know what to start with and when

Douglas County Nebraska

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You are in zone 5 - most of our area is. For most of the warm season crops like tomato, pepper, cucumber, and squash you don't plant those outside until early May but if you want to start your own seeds you start those indoors right about now. There are some crops like lettuce, carrots, beets, and other leafy greens that can take some cooler temperatures and you can plant them probably closer to early to mid April. If you want more information for specific crops, please email me a list of what you want to grow and I can give you more specific information. My email is below.

One thing you can do is look at the seed packet or plant label - it will tell you when you should plant it outside and how many weeks before last frost (which is early-mid May) you should start them indoors. You can use a calendar, mark the day you want to plant, and count backwards the number of weeks.

This document ( from Virginia has a good chart where you can count the number of weeks before planting and then see when you can expect harvest, but it may be more information than you are looking for. (just ignore the first page). The way you use it is to put your planting date (aim for about May 15) in the column listed as "00" then count backward so you can see when you can plant them outside.