Cowboy candy

Asked March 1, 2019, 4:26 PM EST

Can I use stevia for sugar in canning cowboy candy jalapenos. I eat keto and I just love cowboy candy. It calls for 6 cups of sugar. If it would work would you be able to tell me how much stevia to use? Thank you so very much Yvonne

Mercer County Ohio

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Thank you for your question, Yvonne. I suspect you meant it to be sent to Ohio State Extension, rather than Oregon State Extension. Here is the correct Extension office for it: Good luck!

Yvonne -

Sorry it took a little time to respond, I wanted to check in with our State Food Safety Specialist to make sure I am on track. While I can see a number of cowboy candy pepper recipes on line, I don't see any that have been tested by Extension or a government site. We can only safely recommend that people use recipes from sites like our or the National Center for Home Food Preservation It is possible that another state has a recipe, but I could not find one to recommend. If you want to do a refrigerator stable cowboy candy pepper you could use Stevia in place of the sugar. The texture may be a bit different with the substitution.