Invasive species plant

Asked March 1, 2019, 11:55 AM EST

My landscape has a ground cover that is spreading and killing my plants and flowers. Also I have a woods on my property and it is starting to take hold there too. This season I want to remove it and I need direction and help. Can you assist me?

Ingham County Michigan

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The first step is to identify the plant. It's important to do so because that will tell more about how it is reproducing and spreading, and suggest what methods might work best for control. if you took any photos, especially any with flowers, I will try to identify the plant and help you get started. The better the photos and/or plat descriptions, the better my response can be.
Some questions : What does it look like- leaf size and shape, plant height. When does it flower? flower color, flower size. Is there any odor to the foliage? how does it spread? Can you pull it up and find multiple plants attached?